July 15, 2012
12 Signs That You Are In A Relationship

1. You read his/her texts & roll your eyes in annoyance.

2. You will walk really really slow when you are with him/her just to see if you can piss them off.

3. You will pretend to be interested in what they are saying.

4. Just thinking about him/her your blood pressure will rise.

5. Just listening to their voice will make you cringe for no reason.

6. While looking at him/her you become disgusted because you realize that others are not aware of their bathroom habits.

7. You will start listening to SLOW songs & laughing at how insane they are.

8. All you think about is smothering them in their sleep.

9. You will become annoyed just by their smell.

10. You’ll realize that you are always smiling to yourself when you think about them leaving for work.

11. You will do anything for him/her, as long as it is not inconvenient and doesn’t require putting on parts.

12. While reading this there was one person on your mind the whole time, who is most likely and ex and someone that you despise more than any one in this world.

June 22, 2012

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June 22, 2012

May 21, 2012
Must Have!!!

Must Have!!!

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